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Social Welfare

"Fantas Aquarium" Using Projected Images (Japan)

Seiko Epson has been bringing the Fantas Aquarium to hospitals and special-needs schools around Japan since 2015. In FY2018, the company staged this projection-based production at 25 locations nationwide. A total of more than 200 employee volunteers helped set up and run the productions, which were shown during working hours with the support of the company.

Hospital and school staff members, as well as members of the children’s families, report that the children, some of whom have serious disabilities and cannot move about freely, reacted with wonder and excitement at the sights and sounds of the virtual aquarium. The Fantas Aquarium seems to elicit responses that are not usually seen from the children who experience it.

Seiko Epson will take the Fantas Aquarium on the road once again in 2019.

Images of fish and other aquatic life are projected on walls, floors, and other surfaces in large spaces at each facility.
A Fantas Car (a mobile cart equipped with a projector) is used to bring the Fantas Aquarium to children who are unable to leave their hospital room.

Blood Donations (Worldwide)

Epson employees donate blood every year.