Customers, Shareholders and Investors


Sharing the Voice of the Customer

Harmony, the Epson Group's internal newsletter in Japan, carries a regular feature that we use to relay messages from Epson product users and outside partners to Epson employees. Delivering the unfiltered voice of the customer to employees who have few opportunities to meet customers or with vendors and other partners is helping us to further sensitize our employees to customer value creation. In FY2018 we delivered messages from customers, dealers, and distributors who are using products such as large-format dye-sublimation printer for textiles, digital label press, dry-process office papermaking system, smart glasses, watches, etc.

Shareholders and Investors

Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

At Epson, we consider the general shareholders’ meeting to be a valuable opportunity for direct communication with our shareholders. Every year shareholders bring a range of opinions and questions to the general shareholders’ meeting, which Mr. Usui and the other directors openly address.

In 2019, at the 77th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, Minoru Usui, the president of Seiko Epson, addressed our shareholders directly, reporting on events and highlights from the 2018 fiscal year and explaining the direction in which we are headed to achieve the Epson 25 Corporate Vision.

To give visiting shareholders a more concrete idea of Epson’s strategic direction under Epson 25, we created a product exhibit to show the innovations we are driving in the four key domains (inkjet, visual, wearables, and robotics) along with our business activities. We shared our accomplishments achieved in line with the Epson 25. We also profiled Epson’s new products for the 2018 fiscal year and shared some of the uses envisioned to convey the customer value that Epson products provide aiming to become an indispensable company.

*The information of the 77th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting can be get on our Investor Information website.