Supply Chain CSR

Communication and Training

Communications with Suppliers

Annual Supplier Conference

In addition to its commitment to delivering quality products, Epson believes that maintaining human rights, labor standards and environmental conservation throughout its entire supply chain is an important part of its corporate responsibility. Epson therefore considers all suppliers as important business partners.

At an annual supplier conference, we explain our procurement policies. At the conference held in April 2019, we provided a general overview of our business situation and strategies, explained our initiatives and procurement policies, and asked for suppliers' understanding and cooperation in improving quality, reducing costs, keeping strictly to appointed delivery dates, participating in CSR initiatives, promoting business continuity plan, and reducing environmental impacts.

We consider annual supplier conferences to be valuable opportunities to capture supplier feedback. We host a separate social gathering to foster communication between suppliers and the Epson executive team, including the president of Seiko Epson.

Supplier Conference for CSR

At annual CSR procurement supplier conference (since 2016), we explain our CSR procuring activity and request to the supplier. In 2018, a lot of suppliers attended the CSR procurement supplier conference in various Epson manufacturing site such as Japan, China, and Indonesia.

In the conference, we request to comply the Sustainable procurement policy and the Epson Procurement Guideline. And we explain the guidance for self-assessment (SAQ) of CSR detail evaluation and emergency response capabilities. In 2018, we introduce Environment SAQ as a basic supplier evaluation to reduce the environmental impact of products. We also ask to strengthen emergency response capabilities and conduct in each supplier.

  Area Total number of attended companies Rate of attendance*1
Japan China Philippines Indonesia Others
FY2016 489 135 - - - 624 76% (Japan)
FY2017 237 113 - 103 - 453 92% (Japan)
FY2018 447 222 70 168 225 1,132 67% (Japan)
Target of critical supplier attendance*2 FY2020 100% (Worldwide)

*1 Rate of attendance = Number of attendance / Invited suppliers
*2 Target of critical supplier attendance: Rate = Number of attendance / Critical suppliers

Internal Training

The Epson Group's Management Philosophy champions respect for the individual and teamwork. Principles of Corporate Behavior, meanwhile, outlines conduct for creating a corporate culture by fostering employee independence and confidence through professional development. We believe it is particularly important to understand legal and other requirements to ensure compliance and sustainability in procurement. Epson thus provides general procurement training for all employees, as well as courses tailored to the needs of procurement staff.

Basic Procurement Training

Procurement compliance seminar

Course Description For   FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Procurement compliance seminar Achieved rate by persons 102% 97% 92%
Procurement compliance seminar
  1. CSR/SDGs and procurement
  2. Code of conduct for procurement
  3. Laws and regulations
  4. Operation process
  5. Case studies
New procurement staff Target
Times 17 26 21
Persons 967 995 885
Times 29 36 33
Persons 1,008 1,120 919
Procurement compliance seminar (updated)
  1. CSR/SDGs and procurement
  2. Law and regulations
  3. Case studies
Procurement staff, every 5 years Target
Times 44 30 22
Persons 2,540 1,055 881
Times 55 33 22
Persons 1,008 1,120 919

Basic online course

Description For   FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
  1. Code of conduct
  2. Laws and regulation, case studies
All Epson personnel, staffing agency employees, and other partners Achieved rate by persons      
Target 85% 85% 85%
Result 88% 86% 91%

CSR Procurement Professional Training

Course Description For
Sustainable procurement seminar General training in sustainable procurement, by an independent consultant
  1. Procurement staff of Seiko Epson and Group companies (Japan).
  2. Head Office staff
Sustainable procurement seminar Introduction to sustainable procurement, by an independent consultant
(The basics of responsible procurement and detailed guidance for self-assessment questionnaires)
  1. Procurement staff in Group manufacturing companies (Worldwide)
Worker interview training Training for supplier audits, especially worker interviews (Lecture and workshop)
  1. Procurement staff of Seiko Epson and Group companies (Japan).
CSR internal audit training Training for conducting CSR audits
(Lecture and workshop)
  1. Audit staff of Group companies